The Gods of Judgements are coming back ?
Di Giovanni Granucci

How many times, on our beloved planet, the Earth which is several million-years old, creatures from other origins, coming from other planets, from far-away galaxies or lost dimensions have come to visit us?
For the official science this is a supposition still to prove, but let’s try to imagine the story of the old times  as if in a fairy-tale.


In Christian nations the Dragon is symbolically the absolute enemy, the Evil; in the Bible the word Snake is a synonymous of Dragon and Satan.
“And there was a fight in Heaven. Michael and His Angels fought the Dragon; and the Dragon and its angels fought them. But they did not prevail, nor did they get a wider place in Heaven. And the great Dragon was driven out; the old snake, called Devil or Satan, that cheated the whole world, was sent on the Earth together with its angels”. (Apocalypse of John 12-12) 

Also Indo-European legends and myths tell us about a dragon, the chaos  defeated by the God of Light who banishes it:
“An old Celtic legend says that since the beginning of the world a great snake, with wings and horns, lies under the mantle of the Earth. Its coils creep inside the depths of the Ocean and its bones support the highest mountains.Its power go through the world, and where its bones are closer to the surface it comes up more and more powerful” (The Bones of the Dragon – Arthur Breizh – Keltia Editrice, page 7).

If we give these relations an historical value, the planet Earth therefore became in this universe bulwark of demon/reptile-like being  that came from Darkness. 


Several traditions, different from each other and of which it would take us too much time to talk about in this contest, referring to the myth of the rebel God give very similar versions of its defeat and of the consequences of its fall which we can so resume: “The different parts of its dismembered body falling on Earth fecundate it, making vegetation grow and creating the animal life.” 

This is a very important key to understand who we are dealing with. This explains why the ancestors of pagans were so close to nature and why those who adored it submitted to animal idols and considered trees, forests, springs as sacred.
Allow us to state that every single creature ends up anyway to the same single divine origin, as animals and nature, which therefore must be loved and respected, but what we said allows us to better understand the words that God said in the Genesis (9.1-2):“God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them: “Be prolific and multiply and populate the earth. Your fear and dread be in all wild animals and in all livestock and in all the birds of the sky.All that creeps on the ground and all the fish in the ocean is in your power”. 

The rule over the animal and vegetable world that God gives to men (I give you all this, as the green grass already) is mainly symbolic and not persecutory, with this act in fact the supremacy of the Man, made on God’s resemblance, is meant to be re-established over the animal world, made on the fallen gods’ resemblance!


The human race that lives on the Earth originates from an extraterrestrial seed. It arrived with the task of bringing Light, but it was mistaken by our frightening opponents that, as we know, were already on the planet.
Adam who eats the apple of Good and Evil offered by the Snake in the terrestrial Eden represents the human terrestrial ancestors who did not comply to their mission of keepers of the planet which was given them by the God of Light.
The so called original sin of the man when came on this planet was that of surrendering to the seduction of omnipotence promised by the snake-dragon, founder of the alien reptile race.

By permitting their opponents to manipulate them, the human beings, instead of been raised, were mutilated in their original capacities, in their energetic bodies, in their dna… light more and more receded  inside them.
A magnetic net was spread out on the whole planet to prevent the Divine Light to reach and awake the lost brothers.

So this fallen humanity acknowledged pain, mortality and fear, became like a race of prisoners compelled to reincarnate on the same prison-like planet!
A race that, even if retaining its original nucleus of its divine origin and of light, had to lose its memory of its own ancient identity of Keeper of Light on the planet, a task received from God Father-Mother.

The first rule for being able to defend ourselves is to get as many information as possible on an hypothetic or real enemy; let’s try to understand which are the features of our opponents, and then we will be able to understand whether they are coming back and in which way!


In the Sumeric bars found during archaeological excavations these Gods, descended on Earth, founders of the city of Eridu on the river Eufrate, are represented with a horny crown.
The USA researcher Zecharia Sitchin in his book “The planet of Gods” (Piemme editions, page 102) makes the following comment on a bar (picture n. 46):“The most ancient cylindrical seals by the Sumeric represented (the God) Ea always surrounded by flooded rivers, sometimes with plenty of fish. In these seals Ea was also associated with the Moon (represented by the scythe), maybe because of the fact that the moon influenced the tide”.


Even if I consider Mr Sitchin’s research an interesting one, I do not agree with some of his conclusions. In the above mentioned paragraph, for instance, I believe that the two elements water and moon’s quarter should be interpreted in a different way:
1) The liquid element: we must remember that the dragon has the same  feature, “as in the East countries dragons have the power of making water spring, making rain fall, as they dominate the liquid element (from The Dragon, by D. Beresniak and M. Random – Mediterranee editions, page 72).
2) The moon’s quarter: this mark also, placed close to the god Ea, has been interpreted in the wrong way.
In fact, according to the sensitive researches that I made, I believe that this is the symbol of the horns, which is a characteristic of this race of gods and this is also coherent with the figure of the throne.
This symbol can be easily found on the national flag of a few middle east countries, where it is identified as the half moon.


The two scale pans today represent the symbol of Justice, this surely comes from the fact that since the ancient myths
the scale was the sign of the Judgement, the way for weighing good and bad actions committed by the soul of men
 as soon as he arrived to Hereafter.


                        Weighing the heart – Egypt, The Book of Dead

 A judgement exercised by Gods where the expression of the male principle of the opposites is strong, expression of the Good and the Evil of the Tree of Eden, connected to the deception of the Snake!
The man who deserts the law of God becomes the prey of these forces, and he is subject to the strictness of their Judgement and to the possible punishment that will be given by the infernal aspect of gods (and very likely too, as… the faultless man throw the stone first).


The beings in charge of the disquieting operation of judgement are anthropomorphic, their features are both human and animal, even in the Babylon bar just examined the god Ea bears the horns, an animal feature on human appearance. This feature is very important and it is also an additional key to recognise our opponents. 


The horns are a double symbol, like the two scale pans, one used to weigh the good and the other the evil.
We constantly find the double aspect of these gods in the old times, it was expressed by showing them with two faces (the Good and the Evil) or with a double weapon in hand, from the Roman two-faced Giano to the greek Apollo, killer ok snakes, who generates also two snake sons.

From the god Ogun of south Africa who stops every evil force but also opens the door to perform every action, both good and bad, to the  Ittitis god Teshub that is represented with the double axe and the thunderbolt, as two-faced is also the god of the sword of Yazilikaya and Hadad, god of tempests of the Assyrians.
The Nordic god of thunders and tempests Thor, symbol of fertility, is armed with the hammer, that is the equivalent of the two-faced axe with its “T” shape.
Shango is the god of thunder, thunderbolt and fire, manly, brave, violent and executioner.

His symbol is a two-faced axe that his priests hold when they fall into a trance , possessed by the god himself (Brasil, Cuba).

As we have seen, the weapons if these gods are connected also to the elements of nature and this fact connects them further to the dragon, to which tradition gives the power on the 4 elements: water, air, earth, fire.

About the manly aspect it is necessary to add a few notes.
The masculine is the courage that takes to a fair fight and this is positive when it creates the hero who defends a weak person.

When the masculine exceeds though, when it is not joined together with and smoothed by feminine mercy, it becomes exclusively manly and in this case the hero becomes bloody!
We have seen how the power of the ancient gods was connected with the force of nature; in China for example tempests, earthquakes, floods were believed to be due to the dragon re-emerging.
The re-emerging dragon is also the masculine that exceeds, no longer tempered by the feminine, in China the masculine is the Yang and as the symbol of power and virility it is represented by a horned dragon.
A young woman was often sacrificed for the honour of the dragon to re-establish the upset balance and to pacify it; therefore, usually a virgin was chosen, as the symbol of the Absolute Feminine,


These gods are more and more identified with the rebel Angels of the Bible, one third of those who were in Heaven followed the Snake on the path of rebellion.
Defeated by the archangel Michael and by the Angels who were faithful to God, driven out of Heaven… they looked for shelter on planet Earth.
The masculine characteristic, the animal metamorphosis, the double aspect and the exertion of the power of Judgement of the fallen Angels are due to their alignment to the Deceiving Snake.
The Judgement is exerted on the earthly human race because the ancestors of it, though deceived, have complied with the way of Good and Evil (the apple of Eden) and submitted to the power of these forces, and this is why their actions are submitted to the examination of the scale!
So, those who align with the dragon take its characteristics, in a sense they become similar to it and are submitted to the animal metamorphosis, more and more loosing their human identity.
All those who follow some kind of energies should keep this risk well in mind, as while they believe they are rising in fact they keep on repeating the original mistake and perpetrating their captivity and dependence!

As a summary, they are: the fallen Angels who followed the Snake and the reptile creatures generated from them, who exert the evil power on men.
These dominators were the ancient Gods that set up ceremonies and rites to which men were subdued even through human sacrifices.
This was the way in which they could keep on feeding themselves with the Immortality Food, lost when they were driven out of Heaven, as anyway in the fallen man the divine sparkle was and still is present …


In a sense they never left us, otherwise we would be free already, but something is changing, it is like if our planet has taken a lift and everything, including us, is raising towards a higher vibrational and dimensional state.
We are moving towards a physical reality where it would be possible to meet with strange and unusual events, more and more visible to all even if this humanity is usually blind even to evidence.
Our chains will be broken, but those who kept us in captivity until today will not easily surrender.
This fight has already started and those who are able to see have already perceived a few signs.
We have already talked about the characteristics of the aligned forces of the dragon.

But if these are the marks of the re-emerging dragon we must say that all of these marks are now visible.
On the planet the unsteadiness of climate, the earthquakes, the new eruptive activity of volcanos are the proof that they are already happening and up to now the rational explanations of the experts have not explained that much!
Many acts of sudden and unmotivated violence have already been going even in apparently calm people and families.
Never before as in these last few years we have seen local movements emerging, tending to separate nations.

The only reason that can explain all these facts is the re-emerging dragon, the masculine that exceeds and re-emerges, which represents the violence of nature and the violence of the single.
Certainly, everyone of us is free to follow the ideals we prefers if these do not damage our fellow creatures; it is fair to valorise the culture and tradition of every people, but these reasons may become the seed of a dangerous racism even if starting from a good principle; we must remember that Devil is the one who separates.
Everyone of us has his good reasons, but nobody seem to realise that a hidden direction is guiding the whole matter, we believe we are the tools of freedom but we only tight up to the usual cruel master whose only interest is to oppose one another.


Other beings arrived later on the planet.

Subsequently to the Gods of Ninive on our planet hold by darkness, many of them to perpetrate the dominion and the manipulation , others to awake the lost people.
A Tibetan legend says that many centuries ago in the Gobi there was a high developed civilisation founded by Intelligences from Outside (The morning of Magicians – Powels and Bergier – Arcana edition – page 359).
Later, a catastrophe turned the Gobi into a desert and the descendents of that civilisation were compelled to take refuge in caverns under the Himalayan chain.
The survivors could not reach an agreement about what to do, so they split into two groups, one following the way of the right hand and the other following the way of the left hand.
The first one is called of the non-participation in the world and of the good.
The second one, on the opposite, became the centre of violence and of evil, able to rule the elements of nature and first of all to decide about the destiny of human beings.

The common origin of the two centres of good and evil may be the reason why so often the same symbols, though inverted, are used by one or the other, apart from the fact that it is the ordinary way of acting of Satanism to exchange one thing for the other, to revert the meaning of the first; the devil is called Deus Inversus, apart from being the one who separates men.
One of the most ancient and well known symbols is the swastika, identified as a rotating symbol; the point where its four limbs meet indicates the immobile divine centre around which the whole world rotates, the universe, its emanation.
But neither its origin has been understood, nor the reason why it shows in different parts of the world, sometimes with its limbs bent towards one direction, sometimes inverted.
his fact was generally unbelievably unnoticed; the only one who gave an explanation of this matter is René Guenon, who though explained it with too much confidence as the double rotating representation of the planet looked at from one Pole or the other.
My personal opinion is that this excellent French researcher was wrong; according to my research, even on a sensorial level, the two swastikas are not the geographical sides of a same thing, but they represent two basic and non-negligible oppositions.
As I cannot explain the whole of my research now, I must anticipate the conclusions reached in order to carry on with this matter.
One swastika is the symbolic representation of the right way with a polar rotation, while the other one is the left way  with solar rotation.
This knowledge of these two ways was originally very well known among the different religions both monotheistic and polytheistic.
In fact, the religious ceremonies were the way through which men used to express their original spiritual reference; it was not for folkloristic reasons that during a procession there was a prevalence of clockwise or anti-clockwise movements.
Much of the knowledge has gone lost, due to the dull minded presumption of reformers who, while trying to modernise the exteriority of their own religion, cause on the contrary an impoverishment of the spiritual power!
In conclusion, the symbol of the swastika is the testimony that the Tibetan legend is true.
In fact, this is its true meaning:In the two representations (obverse and reverse) it represents the two ways in which the Intelligences from Outside of the Tibetan legend were split, two powers arrived on our planet in the old days and still present today.
One is called of the non-participation to the world and of the good, the other on the opposite side, centre of violence and evil, able to guide the elements of nature and most of all to decide the destiny of the human beings.
The Tibetan legend continues on this second centre:

“With this initiatic black centre, in future all those magicians-leaders who want it could come to an alliance agreement through promises and sacrifices, obtaining help to reach the power”.
This is the reason why the nazism took the reversed swastika as their symbol, and not because of a mistake as researchers have stated.

Hitler kept esoteric contacts with this centre through a Tibetan monk who was nicknamed the man with the green gloves, as he was always wearing a pair of gloves of this colour which is a characteristic of the underground life.
A cultural interpretation of nazism does not explain anything, only if we read the true aspect of it, the esoteric one, we can understand this and other ideologies that influenced and still strongly influence the life of men on this earth.

The Tibetan legend in facts end by…
Some of the descendents of these Intelligences from Outside who survived the first catastrophe decided to emigrate instead of remaining under the earth; some of them went to North Europe, some toward Caucasus…

The Tibetan legend in facts end by…
By joining the terrestrial humanity some of these descendants embodied historical figures that were decisive in positive and negative.
Those descending from the left side became the worst tyrant and persecutors, they were the magicians-people leaders esoterically connected to the initiatic centre of Evil.
Some of the descendents from the right way chose to live among men on earth and to stay on their side.
Many of them were among the heroes who fought against the tyrants helping and guiding people towards freedom from the oppressors.
We find them in the history of all nations.
Other of them became the testimony of spiritual values of brotherhood and unity of the human race, announcing a new age of freedom, connected to the centre of Goodness and to Heaven.

In order to carry on revealing the strategy of the enemies of the human race it is now necessary to leave the ancient myths and face a modern myth, ufology.

The Greys, Aliens of Infernal Creatures ?
This is the plot of the deceit !!!


AT the beginning, the word UFO meant all the modern phenomenology concerning the sight of unidentified flying objects. 
In this phenomenology then were included other aspects, related to the testimony of meetings that some people affirmed they had with entities who declared to be extra-terrestrial, often carrying positive messages.
A disquieting aspect concerns the temporary  abductions that many human beings suffered and on the nature of which many inquiries have been conducted by searchers of private associations.
All governments in fact have always officially denied  the existence of the UFO phenomenon.

Surely, the fact that more and more people get a psychic-mediumistic touch with entities and receive more or less spiritual messages is also a proof of the current vibrational change , which makes people more sensorial.
My wide experience
as a contactist and a researcher allows me to state that it is necessary to distinguish between truly, extraordinary positive and angelic contacts and other contacts where behind a false light the terrible actions of these forces are hidden; they will be defeated but they currently still have great power.
For this reason I would like to give you the following advice: do not become an unaware executor, always rely on your conscience, on your heart and do not do anything that goes against this.

The messages may in fact have a great spiritual content, but they could also have the subtle aim to attract the person contacted so that he loses every defence, and therefore manipulation follows easily. This is the reason why it is necessary to be very careful.
The ability of the opponents in fact is their way to present themselves as what they are not. It would be wrong now to come to the conclusion that all this matter has to be demonised, but it would also be wrong to naively “angelise” every contacts and this takes us to the next chapter


Now I would like to introduce the matter of the abductions of human beings, carried out by supposed aliens, macrocephalous creatures  with big dark eyes without pupil.
These ET have been called Greys by the ufologic research because of the dark colour of their skin.

What I am going to say is something I know not because I read about it, but because I have experienced it, therefore the different references that I will state have been chosen in order to make you better understand who these beings are.
In fact, I personally disagree with the positive conclusions that many researchers have given.

I cannot write the whole history of them, as magazines and books have widely spoken about them.
One of the most famous texts is “Kidnapped” (Mondadori editions) by John Mack, professor of psychiatry at the Harward University in USA and at the Medical School of the Cambridge Hospital, winner of the Pulitzer Price.
The interesting research mentioned in this book is based on the several testimonies given under hypnosis by men and women who declared they were kidnapped by the Greys.
The impression that he gets about the macrocephalous aliens is that of the greatest part of the testimonies given by the subjects under examination.
In fact, accordino to may reports the Greys seem to be positive creatures, willing to help the person kidnapped and the human race growing.
No wonder about these testimonies, as I know their capacity of plagiarism by experience.

Resuming the different reports we can see a few constants:
The abduction
It mostly happens at night, the human being in a semi-conscious state feels he is raised from the bed by small macrocephalous creatures.The subject cannot oppose any resistance as his body is like paralysed.

The operation
Taken to a place sometimes described as a spaceship (or so they want it to look like!), the kidnapped is put on a chirurgic table where he goes under several operations.
They extract the seminal liquids from men and the ovaries to women

The creature so conceived is altered and in a following kidnapping is re-inserted in the motherly womb for a few weeks and then, through a new kidnapping, is again removed.

The hybrid foetus so obtained are kept into containers (and aspersed with a nourishing green liquid) until they are grown enough to live on their own. Periodically, human mothers and fathers are kidnapped to meet these hybrid sons and in this occasions are encouraged to spend some time with them and cuddle them.

Who they are (or, better, who they say they are)
According to what the Greys declare to the kidnapped, their race coming from another galaxy is now unable to reproduce and it is therefore condemned to extinction.

The new race
For this reason they are, against their own will, obliged to kidnap human beings to create between us and them a new hybrid race that one day will populate our planet, they add that this will also greatly help our evolution.

The memory
Many people, who confirm under regressive hypnosis that they have been kidnapped by the Greys, before the hypnotic session only had confused memories of these meetings, which often ended with the image of an animal.
They use an animal mask to hide their true face to memory; we will explain why they have chosen an animal disguise.

Anyway, they are able to make us completely forget this kidnapping experience, not only because of their hypnotic capacity, but also because during these abductions-experiments they are able to act on parts that imply memory.
It is odd anyway that they ask people to co-operate and then make them forget everything.

This is the reason why what the Greys say is an Incredibile Falsehood  

Their habits seems to be the same described in a series of scripts about the end of 1600 by Robert Kirk, a Scottish abbot himself a sensorial.He describes all that he knows and all he comes to know about the existence of Fairies, a mysterious population living underground of which the Scottish legends of the Highlands are a wide reservoir of knowledge ( Il Regno Segreto - Robert Kirk a cura di M.Rossi - ed. Adelphi)
As Kirk states, “these Fairies are made of an intermediate nature between men and angels” (he intended as Fairies a population of males and females and other supernatural creatures).
“… there are women still alive who say that they have been taken away when they had just given birth, to feed children fairies, while in their place a lasting shape was left, which then used to leave the body as if it naturally died” (languishing of a mysterious illness).

Meanwhile, what happened to the kidnapped woman? “The child (of the fairies) and the fire, with food and all necessary stuff, are put in front of the nurse (the kidnapped woman) as soon as she gets in, but she can see no exit way and she cannot see what that people are doing in the other rooms of the house. When the child is weaned the nurse either dies (probably exhausted)  or is taken back home, or she can decide whether to stay…
Even today the Scottish of the North put bread, the Bible or a piece of iron in the bed of the women who are going to give birth, to avoid them to be kidnapped.
Bread is the symbol of prosperity for men, the Bible does not need any comment, while the cold iron reminds these underground people of Hell, that extends from the cold tempests and the hot iron fires of the North… for this (reason) they shake and run away when the y get in touch with it!”.
This explain the modern habit of touching a piece of iron when we meet something sinister!
Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy states the existence of a hell of fire and a hell of chill.

Let’s compare now the evidences collected in 1600 about the kidnapping of human being by the underground creatures with the current ones by aliens.
A uniformity of behaviour is evident, the alien Greys has the same problems of reproduction of the old underground people!
The legend then affirms that Kirk was then kidnapped  and transported to an underground city pervaded by a green light, a prisoner until the end of time, guilty for having revealed their secrets.

Another incredible coincidence is that the light of the underground city is green like the liquid where the foetus of the Greys are immersed.
By this we easily understand that in order to grow up an underground life needs that kind of frequency-colour.

But let’s carry on, coming back to our times we said that the human beings kidnapped can remember these meetings only partially, keeping a vague memory that often ended with the image of an animal.
This animal mask reminds us of the myth of the fallen god, whose dismembered body falling on earth originates the animal and vegetable  world, populating the underground infernal world, where the sciamans penetrated disguised as animals in an extra-corporeal state.
These are worlds where  the fallen powers have settled and where therefore they have a more explicit domain.

Speaking about the gods of justice, we have  already made clear the importance of this detail to identify these forces. Therefore, if they want to disguise themselves they must use an animal camouflage.

To all this we must add that according to the information received by the kidnapped these hybrids will be the new race that will, one day, populate our earth!
Here we are, connecting again to what we said about the myth of the Ancient Underground, of the Intelligences from Outside, living in a hollow earth who one day will re-emerge to populate the world, it is the myth of the new man cherished by Hitler, who kept the contact through the Tibetan monk with the Green Gloves!

In order to come to a conclusion, are the Greys Aliens beings or Underground Devils? I would say both, and this is the true reason why the human being is always overcome.
After a first moment of terror the kidnapped human being is convinced by experience that these creatures are not that bad, but then he experiences again the same terror after a second kidnapping!
It is a sort of victim-tormentor syndrome, where the impotence of the forced isolation seems to drive the victim, in a desperate search for balance, to establish a relation with the only creatures with which he is in contact when kidnapped, even if his tormentors.

This is also due to the manipulation of the emotive centres that the Greys are able to perform on the kidnapped person.
The same capacity of manipulation is used to convince the kidnapped  about the goodness of what they are doing and obtain their co-operation.

The pressure they put on the human subjects is plagiant and impressive, they usually start when the victim is still young and therefore more easily assailable.
The terror of kidnapped people is therefore to be connected not only to the  impotence of kidnapping, but also to the atavic difference of origin between the human beings, sons of the God of Light, and the Greys, sons of the fallen God.
Differences that the human archetype deeply feels with regard to hell!

I wish to conclude by saying that I have a sensorial knowledge of the generation of a hybrid, they are identical (at least until the 80s) to the so called aliens of the autopsy of Roswell.
The movie shown according to my opinion is reliable.


Here is the real strategy of the Greys and of our opponents

The strategy of the Greys is included in a wider domination program on the earthly human race, in fact they are only a pawn, a component, one of the branches of our opponents.
They are one piece of a great puzzle that the human race must not allow to complete.
Therefore it is better to understand their real rule and reveal how it gets into the complex but not invincible strategy of our opponents.
According to my experience, to my research and to the information received from the friendly forces of the Light  I can  state as follows:

1 – The new hybrid race of the Greys has been created so to be organically and vibrationally compatible with the life conditions that our planet will soon achieve.

2 – In fact, they will re-emerge when the vibrational conditions of the Earth which are changing (the sign of it is the actual climatic and telluric instability) will be compatible, as they will reach their same vibrational level.

3 – At the same time other hostile forces of reptile and animal kind will appear in the sky and will try to pass themselves off as friendly forces.

4 – the preparation of the deceit concerns different aspects of a psychological and energetic kind, it is already happening in different ways through a deceptive and hidden information, such as:

- declarations and books by kidnapped people and contactists (many unaware)show every extra-terrestrial race, including the Greys, as superior creatures, friendly and ready to help us; this explains one of the reasons for kidnappings.

- science fiction movies where the aliens are shown as benevolent and carrying human feelings, of which ET has been the founder

- Cartoons,video games, gadgets and infant toys where the fashion of “nice” monsters is of great topicality!

This strategy looks like a grand marketing advertising plan aimed to better sell the product once arrived in the market.
The evil strategy of both the Greys and the reptile-aliens is pushing us one against the other, so that their simultaneous apparition will meet with no obstacles.

A wider and wider separation has already shown among people and groups with sudden outbursts of violence, and the ethnic desperate and vindictive search has already caused civil wars of racism and neo-nazism.
This is the most dangerous trap they are laying us, because if wars will involve nations  provided with nuclear weapons the arrival of aliens would probably be welcomed by the survivors in the same way Americans were welcomed to Europe during the Second World War.

Then a single world government would be created and the dictatorship of the hybrid Greys-Human beings, true infernal creatures, will reduce the remaining humans as slaves.

Now I would like you to focus your attention on a fact that is taking place in an Italian region which I would not mention; everyone may draw his own conclusion, as I just wish to express a supposition.

On April 30th, 2000 in ……, in the fields, strange drawings have appeared, the most important one had the form of a circle with appendix (head with horns). These drawings appeared in cereal plots since the end of the 70’s, at first in south England and then in the whole world and in the language of the UFO research they are called the circles in the corn.
Their symbolism is hidden, but to a clever eye some of them mostly reveal to be of the German - Celtic pagan type.
They are true centres of energy, and people and animals are attracted to them.
It is commonly said that their aim is to transmit messages to humanity, but I believe this is illusory and it  is more likely that they have the capacity to influence the vibrations of the planet and of people, it is not in my power to state if positively or negatively but we have better be careful and understanding!
In the same area, near a city, this year a strange bright object shaped as the half-moon has been seen in the sky.

The Virgin Mary is represented with the snake under Her feet and sometimes with the half-moon under Her feet, as She is described in the Apocalypse by John.
As already said and as I have been told, the half-moon is the symbol of the horns, characteristic of the pagan gods.
Other ufologic phenomena has been seen in the same area where a few months ago a collective event of extreme violence has happened, as well as an earthquake and downpours.

 Let’s defend ourselves from the gods of judgement through the development of  a new ethics and a new spirituality that may bring the human race together.

 The unity of the whole human race, the fight against our tendency to separate and judge, to forgive instead of revenge, use the heart is an absolutely necessary effort if we want to respond properly and join together with the Angels and the forces of Light that are currently helping us, but that needs us to act more efficiently.
It is very important that we do not separate and join together, as our differences are only apparent and our opponents try to deepen them.
Do not play our enemies’ game, when we are at war… and we are. The different opinions, right wing, left wing or middle wing, the different religious creeds or non-creeds , the differences have no value because all our efforts must be dedicated to defence, the defence of the human race!

Although I do not discriminate any religious creed, I must admit that my search has driven me to acknowledge that many of the truths discussed in this article are included in Christianity and in its symbolic mysteries, of which the old knowledge has partly gone lost; this is the reason why I wish to conclude by writing these remarks.

After Christ, the most important Christian symbol is the Virgin Mary, she is depicted crushing the snake under Her feet, the Virgin has always represented the fight against the spirit of Evil.
She is described as the Virgin and virginity has always symbolically been the attribute of the Absolute Feminine opposed to the masculine when it exceeds and becomes violence.
This demonstrates why the Virgin Mary has appeared several times  during this century and why Her request of prayers has the aim to make the divine mercy prevail against the evil persecution.

The feminine in fact is also the symbol of forgiveness and mercy.
In these qualities women are better than us men, but now we need to learn from them. 

Now it is also easier to understand why Jesus who is the Christ, the Saviour of men, in order to fight against the enemy, whose mail characteristic is manly violence, was generated by the absolute feminine, the Virgin.
He is son of the Father but also son of the Mother, that’s why he is the Fair Man, the Master of Judgement (masculine attribute) and Master of Mercy (feminine attribute), all is balanced in Him.

I wish to conclude by expressing the personal conviction that if the ethical effort of union of our race to avoid any war danger is a must for our society also I believe that discovering again a spiritual dimension that would draw our heart nearer to the motherly face of God and to the expression of His Fair Saviour is the warranty for a true personal salvation, as prayer is not submission but energy and force.

Religion often indicates a way called faith and in a thousand years’ time we will call it knowledge.