The food of immortality



The initiatic trial

In the Christian nations the Dragon symbolically is the absolute enemy.

In the Bible the word snake is synonymous of dragon and Satan. “And there was a fight in Heaven. Michael and His Angels fought the Dragon; and the Dragon and its angels fought them. But they did not prevail, nor did they get a wider place in Heaven. And the great Dragon was driven out; the old snake, called Devil or Satan, that cheated the whole world, was sent on the Earth together with its angels”.


Also Indo-European legends and myths tell us about a dragon, the chaos  defeated by the God of Light who banishes it:


“An old Celtic legend says that since the beginning of the world a great snake, with wings and horns, lies under the mantle of the Earth. Its coils creep inside the depths of the Ocean and its bones support the highest mountains.

Its power go through the world, and where its bones are closer to the surface it comes up more and more powerful”

Only those who are purified are able to defeat it, be he a saint, a hero or an ascetic.

The fight against the dragon is in fact also an initiatic trial that takes to self knowledge, if successful, because this is the only way to conquest freedom, and it is only in this way that the concept of the dragon must be understood, as a giver of knowledge… and not as an ally. In fact, it must be the result of a deserved victory on one’s self in order to be purified and not of a given present, as those joining in usually hope!


According to several traditions the dragon is therefore a god fallen on Earth, whose dismembered body fecundates and gives life to the planet.

Indo-European traditions tell of “a dragon of the chaos or a primordial snake that at the beginning (of times) is met and defeated by the God of Light who kills it and creates heaven and earth from the fragments of its body; or banishes it”.

The birth of world from the body of a cosmic being is in fact a myth alive in many cultures that state that a single God establishing the Universal Order appears from the initial chaos.

Then the first being created by God Himself appears and it revolts against Him, its rebellion causes disturbance in the cosmic Order and a return to Chaos.

But God defeats this being, whose sacrifice we can identify with the defeat of Chaos and a new return to the divine Order.


In sacrifice it is essential to divide in order to reunite again, a motto of Freemasonry is: “to reunite all that is spread”. The myth of the fallen god is described by many traditions in the following way: From the sacrifice and the dismemberment of the body of the rebel god the different parts break off and falling on the ground they fecundate it, giving birth to vegetables and animals.

In the ancient India the limbs of Parusha, the Great Being with 1000 eyes, are scattered, divided at the beginning of time  by the first sacrifice committed by the Deva (angels) from which all the manifested creatures were born, and this is similar to the archangel Michael who defeated the dragon with his angels. In the Nordic legends the sacrificed god is Ymr, from whose parts are born the earth and the sea, the forests and the sky.

Crono (Saturn) who emasculates his father Uranus means the dismemberment of the One in Many.

In Egypt it is the god Osiris who is killed and his parts scattered. His body cut in pieces is thrown in the Nile. The parts will be found by Isis who, putting them together, will make him revive in Orion.

This repetition of the myth of the divine sacrifice is the true explanation of the reason why in the ancient times the pagan gods often asked men a human sacrifice. This was requested each time when it was necessary to re-establish the order troubled, or each time when men asked the gods to help them to succeed in an action.


The food of immortality is the fruit of the Tree of Life, the first human couple refused it to taste the fruit of Goodness and Evil, was driven out of Eden and for this reason it became, alas!,  mortal.

In the sciamanic initiation the applicant sciaman is submitted to a series of tortures inflicted to his astral body while in extra-corporal state, which he feels and lives as if conducted on his real body. He is slowly skinned and dismembered by entities that act as sacrificators, until his bones are visible and so are cleaned and recomposed. At the end of this rite new flesh and skin will reappear on the skeleton. This fact is stated in several traditions diffused on the whole planet from the Asiatic to the Siberian  ones, to the African, to the Indians of America. I can testify the truth of what below stated as I personally experienced it.

It is the initiatic rite of death and rebirth, as in order to rebirth the man must first die to himself in his current condition of fall, becoming a new, purified man. This explains why the sorrow which is part of humanity brings, if accepted, an inner maturation and a spiritual growth.

Getting back to the actions of the sciamanic rite, they are performed by sacrificing entities that may also be opponent forces and here lies the whole mystery of the sacred sacrifice; let’s see why.

The man who is initiated in this way gets back to the original condition again, and so he can approach the Tree of Life and the food of Immortality.

Why should these forces help such a transformation? It is necessary to understand a very important thing: between the victim and the executioner a true energetic connection is established, therefore what happens to the first one is of advantage also to the second. Therefore the food of immortality reached by the initiated is also reached by the sacrificers, who continue to feed themselves with the nectar of gods, even if they also have been banished from Eden!


The mystery of the Way of the Cross with the climbing to the Golgota, of the five sores, of the flagellation, of the crown of thorns and of the crucifixion of Jesus repeat this process. “They have perforated, they have seen all my bones” from David’s psalm…


Jesus, the Saviour of humanity, became a man and repeated the same scheme  to which men were submitted by the pagan gods. In order to free us though he turned the situation upside down, as He, the son of God, has been sacrificed by men and in this great act of Love lies Jesus greatness!

This is the real meaning of the Holy Communion where the body and the blood of Christ taken by the believers through faith really is the food of Immortality.

This is the true meaning of the rosary that through his Sorrowful, Joyful and Glorious mysteries takes the believer to go along the same initiatic road of suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus.

His divine sacrifice has produced again the food of Immortality, this time offered not to gods but to men. This has re-opened the contact between God and men, the Son of God in fact has become Himself the Tree of Life for us, a Tree of raising that has allowed to open the way of returning and of raising to Heaven.