The circle of Light


 Willing to pray and,
optionally,  disposed to a 
symbolic fasting with bread and water only  

(if in good health conditions and under medical supervision)

    WE OFFER: THE RANK OF KEEPER OF THE LIGHT with spiritual and 
physical benefits for yourself, the human race and the planet Earth.

WE REQUIRE: strong will, decision and optimism 

APPLICANTS: all people of age who wish to apply


The drawing that represents the Circe of Light is divided into 6 main 
sectors, plus the a seventh placed around the centre.

Every sector is combined to a day of the week;
it has to be coloured according
to the following scheme:

Monday                  Orange

Tuesday                 Red


Wednesday            Violet

Thursday              Blue

Friday                  Green

Saturday            Yellow

Sunday            Indigo



Sunday is the seventh day placed in the central area of the circle; its colour is indigo.
The white star in the middle is the 8th.



The days of the week are all kept and coloured and together they form a beautiful rainbow, to symbolise the union between the Earth and the Sky.  

When the time comes, the 12-faced crystal in the centre, thanks to the 7 re-united colours, will light up with the  divine white light, symbolising the Heavenly Jerusalem.

The eighth vibration will sound and everyone will be helped and woken up to the old memory.

Then everyone will know who we are, where we come from and where we are going.



To obtain a better result we suggest to look at the circle for a few moments on the day chosen, and to pray for some time, it would be better to say the rosary to the Virgin Mary.

We would like to suggest the following intentions:         

In this way the keeper raises his vibrations, as he gets closer to the heavenly frequency he allows the light to anchor to the planet Earth through himself.
As a stone thrown in a pond creates wider and wider concentric circles on the water, so the Circle of Light expands into wider circles that embrace even those who are outside of it, starting from those who are closer to the heart.

Life today often forbids us to meet, with the Circle of Light every day there will be one and many keepers who will pray for you.
Dedicate yourself to spread the word about the existence of the Circle (you can ask us photocopies of the drawing and other material).
The human race will face fewer difficulties and the protection for those who will join in will be stronger if more people will commit themselves without distinction of creed.
We do not want to see unarmed and at the same time complain about this world, prayer and fasting are a formidable weapon  that we can use for everyone’s sake.

The Virgin Mary is urging us to follow this direction and Her several apparitions during these years tell us that it is no longer time for looking:

“You forgot that with prayer and fasting you can obtain everything, you can stop the laws of nature, you can even send wars away… therefore, start praying” Medugorje (20-06-1984)  

We also suggest the Keeper of the Light   to avoid judging other people, and to practice Mercy and Forgiveness, this practice draws the human beings  nearer to the Divine Mother and Christ.

            Two opposite energies are re-emerging, the prize is the freedom of the earthly man, now it is time to chose where we want to be
Remember, those who save a soul save the world and himself


If we give this prayer a shape it does not mean that we must look at the Circle in an exclusive light. We wish other people to join in, coming from other groups.
Let’s always consider the Circle as a free choice with spontaneity and lightness, without fanaticism, with joy and tolerance, everyone is free to leave whenever he wants.