The Circle of Light is a Prayer, a Rainbow of Love that surfs and expands through Internet to link the whole world together.

Its main aim is to contribute to the ideal-ethical-spiritual union of all men on Earth without discrimination.

We, men and women of this planet have forgotten our true origin, the one that generated us, and for this reason we have also forgotten who we truly are.

In order to be again the Keepers of the Light we must re-establish a Bridge of Love with our Divine origin of Light.

Our contribution is the Rainbow that we have called The Circle of Light.

The human being in fact is an entity composed by many ethereal bodies that vibrate on different levels and interact with the whole universe. The frequency of these ethereal bodies is positively or negatively influenced by the quality of our physical actions, but most of all by the thoughts, the feelings and the emotions we experience.

Prayers help to find again a higher frequency.



The aim of the site “The Circle of Light” is to allow the people who visit us (if so they wish) to obtain positive and concrete results on a spiritual-vibrational level, by ideally joining us in our prayer through the path of IMAGES.

With this Light of Love and Mercy we are connected

In Heaven our Divine Mother and the Angels of Light keep on expressing their support  to this project and to every enterprise that goes in the direction of collecting humanity under the newly found flag of heart. 

 The section THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT gives suggestions to those  who wish to connect more constantly in:The Spiritual Game of the New Age

In our site you will find also thorough examinations of mystic, sciamanic, esoteric and ufologic kind as we believe that knowledge is extremely important, through it we can reach a more conscious faith, surely warmer that the superficial way of believing of some.

The section EXPERIENCE collects your comments, please join in.  

The section MYSTERIES collects an interesting research about the ancient myth in the relation between Christianity and the dragon of which we give a few notes: Two opposite energies are re-emerging. The Absolute male, which in the old times was called the dragon, is already showing itself through a few sign. The fury of the 4 elements: water (floods), air (cyclones), earth (earthquakes), fire (eruptions).

The acts of sudden violence and folly that hurt the weaker ones, young and old. The division between men with ethnic-religious wars. This is the reason why lately the Virgin Mary has frequently appeared, with communications to seers and sensorial people, She gave us the task of spreading the Circle of Light in the world.

Mary is the Virgin (virginity, chastity and conjugal fidelity were considered the best female features by the ancient people) and this helps us to understand why the Saviour, the Christ was born from the Virgin (the absolute feminine), as he had to fight the dragon (the absolute male). The same opposition is between Justice, that weigh good and bad acts, and Mercy, a tool of Love given by God mother-father through Jesus and Mary.


Now we would like to thank you for your attention and we wish you a pleasant journey.




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